New Research Highlights Issues For Unmarried Couples

New research by the campaign body Resolution reveals a startling 47% of cohabiters are unaware of their lack of essential rights impacting asset division and childcare support in the event of a breakup.

The body advocates for a change in cohabitation laws to reflect a modern society, witnessing a sharp rise in the number of unmarried couples choosing to cohabit and have children.


According to the House of Commons Library, 3.6 million couples cohabited in 2021, marking a 144% increase in 25 years. Resolution’s research indicates that 74% of cohabitees believe current laws are outdated for modern society.

“As the law stands, millions of people leaving cohabiting relationships are excluded from accessing the support and legal protections that would make the process clearer and fairer for everyone,” says Jo Edwards, Chair of Resolution’s Family Law Reform Committee.

“Our members witness the hardship caused by this daily. This research sends a clear message – that many people do not want to get married or feel unable to do so. These choices, or lack of choices, should not exclude them from legal protection if their relationship comes to an end.

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