Equality & Diversity

Equality & Diversity

Austen Jones Solicitors believe in fairness, equality and, above all, values diversity in all aspects of life, as a legal services provider and an employer of people.

We are committed to eliminating discrimination in all its forms – race, sexual orientation, age, or disability, gender, or religion. We strive to provide accessible services, delivered in a manner that respects the needs of each individual and excludes no one.

The firm is committed to ensuring that candidates for employment and all members of staff are treated fairly, with dignity and respect and are afforded equality of opportunity with regard to employment, training and development.

Equality is not about treating everyone the same, it is about ensuring that access to opportunities is available to all by taking account of differing needs and capabilities.

Austen Jones Solicitors have taken part in a full firm diversity report at the behest of the Solicitors Regulation Society to comply with new guidelines, which is available for inspection at our office upon request.

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