Dispute resolution

Dispute Resolution

Resolving conflict as quickly and economically as possible

Whatever your problem – whether you’re a company boss chasing unpaid bills or a disgruntled customer who’s been unfairly treated by a supplier, becoming involved in a dispute can be a stressful and time-consuming business.

Having fast access to clear and affordable legal advice can make an enormous difference to the outcome.

Common-sense approach

As a small business itself, Austen Jones Solicitors understands the needs of other small businesses and individuals in resolving conflict as quickly and economically as possible. We recognise the need for flexible appointment times. We also appreciate that people have very different needs and budgets and that no two cases are the same. That’s why we evaluate each situation separately and why individuals and businesses from across all industry sectors regularly seek the help of our litigation solicitors. In particular, our areas of expertise include:

  • Breaches of contract
  • Debt recovery
  • Commercial disputes
  • Employment or staffing issues
  • Partnership disputes
  • Professional negligence
  • Contractual issues with suppliers and third parties
Austen Jones dispute
How we work

Unlike many bigger firms, before we advise clients whether to settle or fight their claim, we really take the time to understand their needs and limitations. Typically, our plan of action runs along the following lines:

  • We talk with you to gather as much information as we can about your situation
  • We evaluate the evidence and advise you on your legal rights and the possible courses of action available
  • By exploring the benefits and risks of each potential solution, we help you decide which course of action will deliver the best results
  • A case or litigation strategy and a suitable timescale is agreed between us
  • We decide upon a budget which is proportionate to the sum and risks involved
  • We keep you updated on the progress of your case until the issue is resolved

In most cases, we can help you reach an agreement through mediation and careful negotiation. When no solution can be found, we prepare your case for court and provide you with all the necessary support and representation you’ll need to conclude your case.

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