Property Ownership Disputes

Property Ownership Disputes

Your trusted partner in resolving complex conflicts

Shared property ownership is on the rise and, unfortunately, so is conflict in this area.

With people understandably keen to get on the property ladder, new approaches to buying have seen many friends, siblings, and unmarried couples, jointly buy a property. Shared ownership is also popular with friends or family, who choose to invest together, or those who inherit a property.

While owning property jointly has undoubtedly opened up opportunities for so many, it is not without issues.

Austen Jones Solicitors understands the complexities that come in these circumstances.

Over the years, our team of experts has successfully advised both claimants and defendants in a multitude of cases and are here to help you navigate a path to resolution.

Having fast access to clear and affordable legal advice can make an enormous difference to the outcome.

Common-sense approach

As a small business itself, Austen Jones Solicitors understands the needs of individuals and families to resolve conflict as quickly and economically as possible.

We recognise the need for flexible appointment times. We also appreciate that people have very different needs and budgets and that no two cases are the same. That’s why we evaluate each situation separately and why so many people regularly seek the help of our litigation solicitors. 

Cases we have worked on

Unlike many bigger firms, we take the time to understand a client’s needs and limitations before advising them on the best course of action: whether to settle or fight their claim. Two recent case studies, as an example:

Sibling Dispute in London

We were instructed to act for two siblings, defendants, who opposed an application by a third sibling. The claimant sought an order to sell a property in Dulwich. Following a trial in Brighton County Court, the judge dismissed the claimant’s application with costs ordered in favour of our clients.

Co-habiting Couple Dispute

A couple, who jointly owned their home and were co-habiting, faced complications when they separated. Our client wanted to sell the property but their ex-partner refused. Legal proceedings were initiated and defended, but a week before the trial the defendant agreed to sell. However, issues with the title hindered finding a buyer at the price deemed reasonable by the defendant. Unswayed by the valuers’ assessments, they remained in the property. Austen Jones Solicitors returned to court, securing an order for sale by auction.

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